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History ASIA Advanced Tourism Management Company, abbreviated as ATM ASIA, was established in 2006. With a team of powerful experts and experienced in the field of tourism, ATM ASIA has successfully advised many investors in sustainable development of resorts, hotels and high-class restaurants – this has been proved by customers. At the same time, thousands of employees have been helped by us to be more successful with the profession.

Products and services

Products and services Products and services provided by ATM ASIA in-depth in the field of tourism have covered the whole country, including: new investment consultancy, product and service idea development, renovation, upgrading, performance adjustment, branding, business and marketing strategies, equipment procurement, management, and operations. In addition, consulting and training programs: building a system of personnel policies, recruiting and vocational training according to VTOS, building a system of operational management forms and working standards operational procedures (SOP) based on VTOS, building a KPI system based on VTOS as well as training on soft skills and management capacity for all personnel levels in the hospitality service industry.


Tập thể lãnh đạo nhân, nhân viên công ty.

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ASIA ATM Company develops on the strategic vision, mission, core values, motto and criteria committed by the company’s total human resources.